Terms of Affiliation

Affiliation welcome
The COOLA – The Conference of Oceanian Linguistic Anthropology warmly welcomes academic and professional institutions and associations with programs related to cultural and other anthropologies, to cultural studies, linguistics, humanities, and social sciences, in general, and Oceanian Linguistic Anthropology, in particular, to become formal Affiliates of The COOLA.
Affiliation benefits
  • COOLA Affiliates will receive the following benefits:
    • 20% discount on conference registration
    • 10% discount on The COOLA products, proceeds from which will be used to support future programs, including assistance to endangered communities
    • Recognition at each COOLA conference, including on signage, in the official program and in the conference proceedings
    • Access to a conference information table to display program materials, including video presentations
    • Space on The COOLA website to disseminate program information.
Affiliation requests
  • Request for COOLA affilaites:
    • Encourage staff, faculty, members, and colleagues to submit abstracts for upcoming conferences.
    • Encourage staff, faculty, members, and colleagues to register and attend The COOLA conferences.
    • Here, the COOLA will provide Affiliates with templates, which they may use at their discretion, to promote the Conferences.
Becoming an Affiliate
  • Institutions and Associations may become Affiliates by simple written agreement, by email or other means.
  • Affiliation may occur in response to an invitation from The COOLA or as a result of a self-nomination. Institutions and Associations that wish to end their affiliation may do so through written notice to The COOLA via the contact form on the website.